Gundam Wing To Stream On Funimation This Fall

One of the most popular entries into the long-running mech franchise of Mobile Suit Gundam is [...]

One of the most popular entries into the long-running mech franchise of Mobile Suit Gundam is easily Gundam Wing, which premiered for many viewers in North America on Cartoon Network's Toonami is widely regarded as one of the best sagas in the series. Now, Funimation has announced that the series is set to stream on their service this fall, allowing anime fans to revisit one of the biggest entrants in Toonami's history, which helped to lead the way in boosting Adult Swim by giving viewers an uncensored version of the series during the channel's late-night programming.

Mobile Suit Gundam Wing first premiered in 1995 with its anime series with a concurrent manga series running at around the same time. While there has never been an anime series that further continued the adventures of the young Gundam pilots like Heero, Duo Maxwell, Trowa, Quatre, and Chang, there was a surprising sequel that was released as a series of novels dubbed "New Mobile Report Gundam Wing Frozen Teardrop." Taking place years following the conclusion of the original series, Teardrop saw Heero return from a cryo-coma wherein he was awoken at the same age to perform a new mission with his trusty mech suit at his side. While there have been no reports of the sequel receiving an anime adaptation, there have been plenty of Gundam light novels that have been brought into the world of animation throughout the years.

Funimation shared the big news that Mobile Suit Gundam Wing would start streaming on their service beginning on September 7th, along with some other big-name anime series from the franchise including the likes of Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam and Mobile Suit Gundam Narrative:

The major Gundam project that is perhaps getting the most notoriety is Hathaway's Flash, the official sequel to the original universe that is being released as a trilogy of films, with the first entry already streaming on Netflix. With Gundam continuing to create countless series and movies, the mech franchise isn't stopping any time soon.

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