Hellboy Creator Unveils Stylish New Ultraman Sketches

Ultraman is looking to make a big comeback this year with a Marvel Comic of its own, and one of [...]

Ultraman is looking to make a big comeback this year with a Marvel Comic of its own, and one of the biggest comic book creators in the world, Mike Mignola, lent his talents into sketching some of the characters from the monster fighting franchise that has been around for decades. Mignola, for those who might not know, is the creator of Hellboy, the long running comic book character that has had three feature length films to his name. With both Hellboy and Ultraman fighting against monsters on the regular, it's no surprise to see Mignola's artistic style works wonders in the world of the latter!

Ultraman has been around since the 1960s, a monster fighter that can grow to the size of the giant kaiju he battles against, but only for a limited time. While the series has recently resurfaced thanks to an anime series on the streaming service of Netflix, even being confirmed to receive a second season, it has many decades of material to wade through when it comes to getting a better understanding of the character and the world he lives in. As mentioned earlier, Marvel Comics struck a deal with Tsuburaya Productions, the holders of the Ultraman property, in order to create new comic books featuring the kaiju fighter, bringing him to a brand new audience.

Mike Mignola shared the three new sketches of Ultraman and the monsters he battles against via his Official Twitter Account to help benefit the World Central Kitchen, proving that the creator of the Bureau of Paranormal Research and Defense was made to sketch monsters and would surely knock it out of the park if he were involved in the upcoming comic book:

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