Disney Crossover Turns Hercules Into Anime's Golden Boy

Hercules is the definition of zero to hero, and now, one piece of art has given the Disney star a truly gift makeover. With a live-action movie on the horizon, interest in the classic Disney star is on the rise, and Hercules is rising the ranks with animation lovers the world over. Of course, its boost has given artists plenty of fodder to draw with, and one piece of art is going viral for giving Hercules an anime do-over.

As you can see below, the artist mizala_ on Twitter brought the redesign to life, and it has taken two fandoms by storm. Disney and anime fans are obsessed with the romantic take on Hercules and Megara. And of course, the anime makeover even goes so far as to turn the heroes into high schoolers complete with uniforms.

In the first drawing, as you can see above, Hercules and Megara are pictured in their classic costumes from the 1997 Disney flick. Honestly, it is unfair how pretty both characters look as Hercules has perfectly wavy hair, and his costume is impeccably detailed. As for Megara, the heroine's hair is shiny enough to make Sailor Moon envious, and her classic outfit has been overhauled somewhat to fit Ancient Greek designs.

Of course, the artwork also gives a modern take on Hercules and Megara as high schoolers. We can see Hercules in a loose button-down and tie while Megara rocks a vest-top combo. Complete with Japanese school bags, these two are no doubt a power couple in the modern era, and we're obsessed with their designs here.

Obviously, Hercules works well with anime, and fans are already speculating how a full-blown series would look. Hades, Pegasus, and Phil would all need adorable adaptations to boot. But right now, it seems the Disney franchise is busy pursuing other projects. If you did not know, Hercules recently hit the stage as a musical, and a Hollywood live-action adaptation is on its way. Guy Ritchie has signed on to direct Hercules while Joe and Anthony Russo produce under Walt Disney Pictures. At this time, no casting has been announced for Hercules, and Disney has yet to give the live-action musical a release window.