How Badly Will Goku Get Injured During His Fight With Jiren?

UPDATE: Goku's New Transformation Has Been Revealed! Click HERE for Details!This is the fight all [...]

UPDATE: Goku's New Transformation Has Been Revealed! Click HERE for Details!

This is the fight all Dragon Ball Super fans have been eagerly waiting for all this time, the fight between Jiren from Universe 11 and Goku from Universe 7. This will be the battle between the two strongest fighters competing in the Tournament of Power, with Jiren expected to be Goku's strongest opponent yet, with him likely going to leave Goku in a near-death state.

Goku will go all out against the Pride Trooper who has so far shown fans little of his strength, however, from what he has shown them, they know that Jiren is going to be a tough one to beat. Goku won't be holding back against his opponent, with him needing all the powers of Super Saiyan God, Super Saiyan Blue and KaioKen. However, it won't be enough, as Jiren is just that strong and so Goku will try and use his ultimate attack, The Spirit Bomb.

Although, that too won't be enough, as Jiren has an enormous amount of Ki and so he will start to inflict a world of pain on the Universe 7 Saiyan. So how injured will Goku get? Remember, Jiren isn't evil and won't want to toy with his opponent like Freeza does. In the upcoming one-hour special, Goku won't even be able to scratch Jiren and despite Jiren's good nature, Goku is seriously wounded. Goku will be injured from head to toe like nothing fans have ever seen before and that's when he unlocks his new form, "Mastery of Self-Movement." This is the new transformation fans have been waiting for, as well as the battle that they have been craving.

Goku vs Jiren
(Photo: Toei Animation)

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