How Long Will 'Attack On Titan' Season 3 Be?

Attack on Titan fans are used to waiting. The series made its anime debut in 2013, but its second [...]

Attack on Titan fans are used to waiting. The series made its anime debut in 2013, but its second season rolled in at the start of 2017. Patience is the name of the game for Attack on Titan, but Wit Studio has its third season will be out in 2018. So, the question is whether the new season will have enough episodes to keep fans around.

Right now, it's looking like the season will shape up to be longer than the last.

Attack on Titan fans were stunned when news broke of its second season's short order. The anime made its long-awaited comeback with just 12 episodes, but Wit Studio reassured fans it would be back with more soon. Season two ended with a teaser confirming the return of Attack on Titan in 2018, and work is already being done on the series.

Attack on Titan's shorter second season was unexpected, but Wit Studio seems to have designed its episode order purposefully. The anime's first season touted 24 episodes, giving it a two-cour run through the season. Attack on Titan then went into a lengthy hiatus, and there was no telling how fans would respond to its return. Wit Studio could have faced financial ruin if it asked for another two-cour season and got few ratings, so the animation studio held back.

Attack on Titan's comeback this year did make waves, and interest in the anime is up. With a solid fanbase to support it, Wit Studio has the resources to move ahead with season three without being sidetracked by other franchises. The third season's teaser hinted the anime will cover a lot of ground next year, making a two-cour order all the more needed. And, with the series set to adapt the 'Uprising Arc' next, Attack on Titan will need to buffer in some action-packed episodes to keep fans engaged.

Attack on Titan fans are banking on the series to return with more to offer than it did in season two, but fans won't know what they're getting for awhile. Wit Studio has yet to release a more exact release date for season three aside from its year, so the anime could return at anytime. The season's episode order will become apparent once DVD and Blu-ray packages go live for pre-order, so you can keep checking ComicBook for all your Attack on Titan updates until then.

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