Inuyasha Sequel Reveals Kohaku's Major Role

Inuyasha surprised everyone this weekend when it confirmed a sequel is in the works, and that [...]

Inuyasha surprised everyone this weekend when it confirmed a sequel is in the works, and that story will bring back Kohaku along with several others. All of your favs from the original anime are slated to return with Kagome and Inuyasha leading the charge. But thanks to an official synopsis for the awaited series, it turns out Kohaku will play a major role in this sequel.

For those who do not know, creator Rumiko Takahashi and Sunrise Studios confirmed the sequel will take place years after the end of Inuyasha. The new anime, which is named Yashahime: Princess Half-Demon, will tell the stories of the children which Sesshomaru and Inuyasha had.

And as for Kohaku? Well, the demon slayer comes into play as he ends up training one of Sesshomaru's daughters. It turns out the pure-blood demon has twins with an unknown lover. Towa and Setsuna are the man's firstborn children, but the girls are separated at a young age when Towa stumbles into modern-day Japan. Setsuna goes on to train with Kohaku in her sister's absence, and fans know any student of his would become a fine fighter.

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(Photo: Sunrise)

After all, Kohaku went through a lot in his own training to become a demon slayer. The boy was taken over by Naraku in the wake of an ambush upon his village. He was killed but revived by the gnarly demon as a puppet of sorts which forced him to do some terrible things even against his sister.

Eventually, Kohaku was brought back to his senses and befriend Rin who was in Sesshomaru's care. The last time fans saw Kohaku he was off to slay some more demons, so fans can only assume the boy carried on that job until he ran into Setsuna. But as for why Kohaku trained the girl rather than her rather powerful father, well - fans will not get an answer to that question until the sequel debuts later this year.

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