Jiren's Fight With Hit Is Said To Be Out Of This World

The fight that all Dragon Ball Super fans were waiting for is over, as Goku lost the battle [...]

The fight that all Dragon Ball Super fans were waiting for is over, as Goku lost the battle against Jiren in the previous episode. Apart from Whis, Jiren is easily the strongest opponent Goku has ever faced, which includes Universe 7's God of Destruction in Beerus. However, Goku is still in the Tournament of Power and will recover before taking on Jiren again, as he tries to figure out how to use his Mastery of Self Movement transformation.

In the meantime, another strong opponent has stepped in front of Jiren, with Hit deciding he wants a shot at the strongest fighter. This is a battle for survival, with all Universes who lose the tournament being erased. Hit cannot lose this fight, as he is Universe 6's trump card, with this being the perfect opportunity to strike as Jiren should be a little tired after taking on Goku.

Hit is an incredible fighter, with his Time Skip technique being incredibly dangerous, however; it isn't invincible. If Hit drags on the fight it will only lessen the chance of Jiren being victorious, as Hit's body adapts and improves as a fight continues. Yes, that means Hit technically is always getting stronger, which means that if Jiren doesn't take him out quickly, Hit will eventually match his strength.

That is why this battle is said to be out of this world, as Hit won't go down easily and will use this battle to better himself. Hit is already an incredibly strong opponent, with him being very different to Goku. Jiren at the moment is stronger but with Hit's ability to improve mid-fight meaning that the gap in power will slowly reduce.

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(Photo: Toei Animation)

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