JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Clip Proves the Italian Dub Is on Another Level

JoJo's Bizarre Adventure's latest season took the Stand Users of the Joestar universe and placed them into the world of mafias and betrayal, with fans finding an "Italian Dub" that might have you cracking a smile or two after watching a clip. With anime series being brought to a number of countries around the world, the characters of franchises have been given a number of different voices to appeal to each land's respective languages with some trademark heroes and villains sounding far different from the interpretations across the seas, such as Bruno Bucciarati of the Golden Wind in this case!

The Passione mafia was the main focal point of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Golden Wind, the fifth and latest season of the anime series produced by animation studio David Production. In it, the son of Dio Brando worked alongside a number of Stand Users in a bid to take over the mob and make it a force for good, with Bruno Bucciarati being one of the most memorable of the bunch. With his Stand of Zipper Man, who has the ability to not only create rifts in time that can allow him to teleport, but also "unzip" body parts of opponents, Bruno became thought of by many to be the "true protagonist" of the fifth season of the franchise!

Twitter User ArrivedXrcii discovered this hilarious clip that shows off the "real" Italian dub for the fifth season of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, showing a number of different takes on Bucciarati's traditional catchphrase of arrivederci when he had finished a battle in a bid to take over the Passione mob:

As fans that followed this season know, Bruno was not able to see the fruits of his labor come to fruition, sacrificing himself in a bid to defeat the villainous Diavolo. Though a good chunk of the season saw Bucciarati as the "walking dead", having been resurrected by Giorno's Stand for a limited amount of time, he was still able to give his friends the power and spirit they needed in order to ultimately win the day. This "Italian Dub" gives us a hilarious take on Bruno that we haven't seen to date.

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