JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Stone Ocean Finale Dominated Netflix Charts

Stone Ocean has gone out to tide following the latest batch of episodes from JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, and while the Netflix release has faced controversy from fans thanks in part to its release schedule, Jolyne's story ended with a bang. While the streaming service has yet to confirm if it will once again be the exclusive home of the Joestars should a new season be confirmed, it would appear that Jolyne and company are rising the charts when it comes to Netflix's ratings.

Without going too deep into spoiler territory, Stone Ocean's story saw the universe of the Joestars becoming a very different place, thanks to Pucci managing to evolve his Stand in his bid to reach heaven. Unfortunately for mankind, the priest's definition of reaching heaven means impacting the world and creating a planet where everyone will be able to see their own future. While Pucci believes this would allow mankind to make changes to avoid any problems that are coming their way, including their respective demise, this definitely isn't an attribute that many normal folks would want rattling around in their brains. 

JoJo's Netflix Adventure

Twitter User Vishkujo shared some of the territories in which Stone Ocean was able to rise up the ranks of Netflix's platform, with Jolyne and company becoming the number three series in Japan with its finale, while also hitting the top ten charts in Thailand, Bulgaria, and Guadeloupe to name a few:

At present, JoJo's Bizarre Adventure hasn't confirmed if a new season will arrive following Stone Ocean, with the obvious candidate for the next chapter of the anime adaptation being Steel Ball Run. On the manga side of things, creator Hirohiko Araki recently revealed some bombshells when it came to the ninth part of the series, JoJo Lands, which will follow a descendant of Joseph Joestar, but not the Joseph that was introduced in Battle Tendency. With Steel Ball Run and JoJolion taking place in a new reality, it would seem that JoJo Lands is set to do the same whenever it arrives.

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