JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Sets New Event to Make Some Big Announcements

JoJo's Bizarre Adventure knows how to make fans beg for it, and they've been doing so for over a [...]

JoJo's Bizarre Adventure knows how to make fans beg for it, and they've been doing so for over a year now. It has been that long since the anime shut down following the finale of Golden Wind. Fans have been pleading for a new season since, but no word has come through for them. But thanks to a recent report, it seems like things might be shaking up with the JoJo team at last.

The information comes from a newly created website in Japan. The page surfaced earlier this week before updating its home screen to honor all things JoJo. It seems this new page is dedicated to an upcoming JoJo event, and a now-deleted advert promised fans an update was coming fo the anime and comics.

And when might this be taking place? Well, the promo said the day would come sometime in April 2021. That is clearly a few months away from now, but if the event goes as planned, fans are thinking the team might finally announce JoJo's new season there.

JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Stone Ocean Custom Sneakers
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After all, the wait for a Part 6 announcement has been arduous. There is no question the franchise will roll out the season, but there is a question as too when it will drop. The show is popular enough to sustain long gaps between premieres, but David Production has some time opening in its schedule shortly.

Currently, David Production has busy with Fire Force season two, and it will swap attention to Strike Witches Road to Berlin and Cells at Work afterward. The studio also has a volleyball anime to prep as well as an ONA. It is easy to see how crammed the studio is, but when you look at its release windows, there is a gap with its summer and fall cours next year. This means summer 2021 would be the perfect time to bring Stone Ocean television, so fans are hoping this April 2021 event pans out as expected...!

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