JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Stone Ocean Shifts Release Schedule at Netflix

Fans were stunned when it was announced that the next part of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure anime, Stone Ocean, would be a Netflix exclusive when it lands later this year. With the adventures of Jolyne hitting the streaming service in December, Netflix has revealed some interesting new information when it comes to the world of the Joestars. 

The whole thing was shown on social media after pages like AIR_News01 put it online. It was there fans were directed to the Netflix Media Center where the page removed some language about JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Stone Ocean. The show is no longer described as having monthly releases, and fans are freaking out.

After all, Netflix and anime tend to have a warped release schedule. The streaming service can take months to put up episodes from an anime that is debuting weekly in Japan. When it was announced that JoJo's Bizarre Adventure was headed to Netflix, fans were quick to petition for weekly episode drops. This isn't often done at Netflix period let alone with anime, but JoJo is a special case. The anime is big enough to warrant a global request, so fans are happy to see this new series no longer under monthly releases.

Sadly, there is no firm word on what kind of release the show will be getting them. JoJo's Bizarre Adventure could move forward with a weekly release as fans want, but it could opt for quarterly releases like Pokemon Journeys. For now, the truth is unclear, and fans will have to wait a bit longer for more details. After all, the show isn't slated to debut until this December, so let's all cross our fingers for a holiday miracle.

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