Jujutsu Kaisen Cliffhanger Finally Brings Back Sukuna

Jujutsu Kaisen has reached a new transitional phase between all of the fights in the Culling Game, and the newest chapter took some time to finally bring Sukuna back to the series with its final moments! It's been nearly a year since Yuji Itadori was last seen in action as the Culling Game arc has been spending its time following each of the members of the team as they took on their first respective opponents in the deadly colonies caught within the game. But it actually hasn't been that long for any of them as only a few days have passed.

Since we last got a look at Yuji, he had just ended his first confrontation with Hiromi Higuruma and was able to get his help to make a new rule that would allow players to transfer points. But while he was able to accomplish the first major goal to help Megumi Fushiguro's sister Tsumiki, the next major goal is going to be much tougher to accomplish as the final moments of the newest chapter sees Sukuna making contact with Yuji to drop some major news of the fighter before the Culling Game continues. 

(Photo: Shueisha)

Chapter 199 of Jujutsu Kaisen reunites Megumi with Yuji as it's revealed that Yuji had actually caught Hana Kurusu when she attempted to help Megumi following his massive fight several chapters ago. With her help they will be able to free Satoru Gojo from being trapped within the Prison Realm, but there's a major drawback as the possessed Angel spirit within her has a major grudge against a player known as the "Disgraced One." But as Yuji soon discovers as the chapter comes to an end, Sukuna is actually the one Angel is referring to. 

Sukuna contacts Yuji within his mind and tells him that he's the Disgraced One before Yuji actually says anything about Sukuna and the fact that the spirit is within his body. It's our first look at Sukuna in quite some time, and if he's willing to contact Yuji about it, it could mean there's something even bigger at play. Maybe this is a sign that we'll see more of Sukuna's past as the Culling Game continues. 


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