Jujutsu Kaisen Finally Brings Yuji Back After Nearly A Year Missing

Jujutsu Kaisen has reached a new transitional period between the fights of the Culling Game, and surprisingly brought Yuji Itadori back to the series after missing out on nearly a year of action in the manga! The Culling Game tournament has been one of the most widespread arcs of the series thus far as fans have been seeing the various members of Yuji's team taking on their first respective opponents across many of the tournament's deadly colonies. But this also meant that there were long stretches of time in between seeing some of the fan favorites in action throughout.

With the previous chapter of the series officially bringing Maki Zenin and Noritoshi Kamo's first fight in the Sakurajima Colony to an end, it is now time to shift the focus to the next big conflict. This means finally getting an update on Megumi's status after he was spotted by the Angel nearly a year ago, and this also meant that we got to see Yuji after 32 chapters of focusing on other characters. It's also pretty much the return fans would expect from the hero after missing him for so long. 

(Photo: Shueisha)

The last time we had seen Yuji, he had just finished his confrontation with Hiromi Higuruma and was able to talk the fighter into helping them craft a rule that would allow others to transfer points. It's been nearly a year since then as the series had focused on the fights Yuta Okkotsu, Panda, Kinji Hakari, and Maki had in their respective colonies, but thankfully the update in Chapter 199 reveals that both Yuji and Megumi are doing alright so far and have even made allies in the Tokyo No. 1 Colony. 

It hasn't been that long of a timespan in the series itself as only a few days have passed for them, and in that time Yuji had quickly befriended Angel and Fumihiko Takaba much like fans expected. He thankfully hasn't been involved in another intense fight since we seen him last, and his update to the others revealed that with Hakari's additional points their team has now gotten enough points to help Megumi's sister Tsumiki. 


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