Junji Ito's Model Comes to Life Via Terrifying Cosplay

Junji Ito has earned his name as a horror master thanks to his long career creating the most terrifying creations to ever hit the printed page. As Toonami continues to work on Uzumaki's anime adaptation and Netflix works on an anthology series titled Junji Ito: Japanese Tales of the Macabre, it's a good time to be a Junji Ito fan. Now, an Ito fan has taken the opportunity to bring a terrifying creature from Junji's resume to life using some spot-on cosplay.

Junji Ito's "Fashion Model" first debuted in the manga collection, Souichi's Diary of Curses, which was published in 1997. In this tale of terror, an independent film crew hires a horrifyingly large model to be a part of their production, only to realize, when it is too late, that their star is hiding her fangs along with a taste for human flesh. The short story had also made its way to the anime adaptation, The Junji Ito Collection, as a part of the anthology series, bringing it to life for the first time nearly two decades following its original debut. The creature has appeared in other Junji Ito stories, so she may make a return in the upcoming Netflix anthology as well.

A Twitter Cosplayer took the opportunity to share this terrifying cosplay, which Junji Ito himself retweeted, that brings the man-eating model to life and proves how this fanged woman has become one of the most notable creatures to spawn from the mind of the horror mangaka:

Junji Ito has spent decades creating tales of terror via the medium of manga, recently winning another Eisner award for his work. What fans of Ito might not know is that he has had plenty of live-action adaptations that have come to fruition, including the many Tomie movies released in Japan with Uzumaki receiving a live-action film long before the anime adaptation was in the planning phases. Unfortunately, a new Tomie project created in North America fell to the wayside with the shuttering of Quibi, the streaming service that had originally planned on a new take for one of Ito's most popular creations.

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