KFC Gives New Menu An Anime Makeover In New Promo

Kentucky Fried Chicken may not strike you as an anime-friendly brand, but you’d be plenty wrong. [...]

Kentucky Fried Chicken may not strike you as an anime-friendly brand, but you'd be plenty wrong. The franchise has a huge presence in Japan all because of its secret seasoning, and it seems KFC is giving one of its biggest menu items an anime up-do.

No, really. You can turn a meaty chicken sandwich into an anime protagonist, and it will work. Who knew?

Recently, KFC released a new promo highlighting its next big menu item in Japan. The franchise is bringing back The Double sandwich abroad, giving fans a chance to eat a bun-less delicacy. So, to celebrate the sandwich's return, KFC has given the meal an anime storyline and a slew of protagonists to protect it. (via ANN)

As you can see in the reel above, the black-and-white promo is an intense one. A series of characters are introduced to audiences, and they sound plenty evil. By the end, the trailer then shows The Double sitting in the middle of a summoning circle. The background music playing also sounds plenty dramatic, and its use of an organ makes the reel feel like it came from a top-tier gothic title.

For those confused about the promo itself, the advert is telling a story. This clip introduces The Double as a sort of mysterious power, and KFC has created a world wherein a great war happened and produced The Double and its Five Elementals. The so-called Meat Pentagon was sealed away, but the five members are coming back out now that The Double has made it out of its hellish prison.

The characters shown in the promo represent the Meat Pentagon, and they have some hilarious names. Lord of the Flame, Burning Phoenix, and Time Executor are the more straightforward titles. Still, there is something special about Paladin of the Sauce and Cheddar Lucifer. The five elementals must come together to revive The Double's delicious mana, and KFC Japan is totally ready to commit to this storyline all the way.

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