Legendary Releases MonsterVerse Highlight Video, Thanks Fans "Past, Present, and Future"

As fans continue to champion that Legendary Pictures and Warner Bros. 'Continue the MonsterVerse,' [...]

As fans continue to champion that Legendary Pictures and Warner Bros. "Continue the MonsterVerse," the studio behind Godzilla vs. Kong and the other films in the franchise is giving thanks. In a post on Twitter Legendary revealed a highlight reel of the journey so far with the four films in the series, showing off behind-the-scenes-footage from each of the movies as well as shots from the premieres and more. Reading "To #Monsterverse fans past, present, and future, THANK YOU," the video doesn't imply an ending to the series in anyway and no doubt will have fans holding out hope for more movies in the franchise.

"Hopefully there will be (more), I have no idea. If not the peak then the plateau that everyone has been aiming for," Godzilla vs. Kong writer Max Borenstein previously told Collider. "This is a point that has been a part of the ambition since the beginning, so I look forward to whatever the next iteration of this franchise is. This has certainly been getting these two characters, like The Avengers, you build to that place. That's not to say there aren't future movies that bring everyone together."

Fans haven't given up the potential for more movies in the series, especially with so many other Toho monsters available to make the leap to the MonsterVerse. Our own Evan Valentine broke down some of the kaiju that would make for great additions, because there's a lot of different options available.

"Who knows what the future holds," Godzilla vs. Kong director Adam Wingard said during IGN Fan Fest about the future. "If the fan enthusiasm is there, then absolutely, why would we ever end this thing if people want more."

Not only is the fan enthusiasm clearly there from a vocal social media perspective, but audiences are showing up in droves to see the film in theaters. Godzilla vs. Kong has so far brought in over $48.5 million at the domestic box office, giving it the highest opening weekend since the COVID-19 pandemic began. Internationally the film has brought in over $237 million for a global total of over $285 million. Box office totals for the film also haven't been updated in almost a week, meaning the movie will no doubt have an even more impressive haul when we hear more from the studio this weekend.

Godzilla vs. Kong is now streaming on HBO Max along with the other three MonsterVerse movies, Godzilla (2014), Kong: Skull Island, and Godzilla: King of the Monsters. If you've found yourself waiting for more films in the MonsterVerse though here are ten more Monster movies to watch while we wait to hear more about its future.