Godzilla vs. Kong Writer Weighs in on Future MonsterVerse Sequels or Spinoffs

With most major franchises, fans don't expect them to ever end, as even the biggest events seen in [...]

With most major franchises, fans don't expect them to ever end, as even the biggest events seen in the series often only serve as the culmination of a specific arc. In the case of Legendary's MonsterVerse, its previous films were all leading to its biggest battle yet, with Godzilla vs. Kong writer Max Borenstein noting that, while he's not entirely aware of what's in store for this franchise, this film is what the studio has been building up to for nearly a decade, so it serves more as a finale than merely an opportunity to pave the way for more adventures.

"Hopefully there will be, I have no idea. If not the peak then the plateau that everyone has been aiming for," Borenstein detailed to Collider of this film earning follow-ups. "This is a point that has been a part of the ambition since the beginning, so I look forward to whatever the next iteration of this franchise is. This has certainly been getting these two characters, like The Avengers, you build to that place. That's not to say there aren't future movies that bring everyone together."

Both Godzilla and King Kong fans know just how many stories have been told with these characters, with their legacy being vast for decades, so there's likely no end in sight for what can be accomplished with the monsters. However, with no projects officially announced, it's unclear when, or if, these iterations of these characters will be seen back on the big screen.

Another element of Godzilla vs. Kong that sets it apart from its predecessors is that they featured post-credits scenes that set the stage for what was next in the series, but with this being its climax, director Adam Wingard opted not to include such a tease.

"We actually did shoot a post-credits scene but we ended up using it in the movie," Wingard explained to Collider. "Because we shot it while we were making the film and we realized we needed a scene at the end of the movie. We had this footage, and we were like 'wait a minute, if we actually just change this thing about this footage we originally shot for a post-credit thing, we can actually use it in the movie.' And it's really effective. We kind of just sacrificed our post-credits scene. Which makes sense, because honestly, it's not even like that post-credits scene is teeing up anything specific. It wasn't like saying 'this is definitively where the MonsterVerse is going [next].'"

Godzilla vs. Kong is out now in theaters and on HBO Max.

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