Fate/Stay Gifts Lil Nas X Birthday Wishes with Gilgamesh Shoutout

Fate/Stay Night has fielded a ton of press in its time, and as the IP continues to grow, fans know the headlines about the anime are going to get weirder. From film announcements to strange merchandise, the hit series has no boundaries when it comes to social media. And now, it seems Gilgamesh is drawing the world's eye after the knight hit up Lil Nas X with a special birthday present.

The update comes from Sony Music Japan as the company's official account responded to a tweet from Lil Nas X. The singer said he enjoyed his performance at the Grammys despite not taking home a single award. So cheer up the birthday boy, Gilgamesh felt it was time to send the singer some love.

"After the performance, We are DEAD RIGHT NOW," the brand tweeted. "Happy Birthday Lil Nas X! We (+Gilgamesh) didn't snub you."

As you can see above, Sony Music Japan sent the message alongside a special sketch of Gilgamesh. The character is dressed in his usual golden armor, but he does have a microphone in hand this time. So if Lil Nas X is looking for someone new to collaborate with, it seems Gilgamesh is game.

You might be wondering why Fate/Stay Night tipped its hat to the rapper, and that is a fair question. It all comes down to one of Lil Nas X's viral red carpet moments. After being invited to the Meta Gala a couple years back, the rapper hit the event's carpet dressed in a suit of golden armor by Atelier Versace. The luxurious look garnered lots of praise, and Lil Nas X tweeted photos of himself in the suit alongside Gilgamesh. So now, it is only fair for the Fate/Stay legend to tribute the rapper for once.

Did you ever see this Fate/Stay crossover coming? Is it time Lil Nas X rolls out his own anime music video...? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.