Lupin the Third Announces New Anime Series

Lupin, aka the Gentleman Thief, remains one of the longest-running anime characters, first [...]

Lupin, aka the Gentleman Thief, remains one of the longest-running anime characters, first introduced under the pen of creator Monkey Punch, and it seems as if fans of the decades-long franchise will be receiving some new adventures for Arsene and his crew with an upcoming series. Though details about the story of the upcoming series are few and far between, a new poster for the upcoming show, titled Lupin The Third Part Six, proves that the globe-trotting band of thieves will remain a part of the public zeitgeist within the anime community for years to come.

The revelation of this new series was a part of the fiftieth anniversary for the Lupin The Third franchise, with the series having first started as a manga series in the 1960s and receiving a subsequent amount of television series as well as feature-length films that followed the Gentleman Thief and his idiosyncratic crew. Recently, Lupin and his gang received an animated film that used computer-generated graphics that many fans believed rivaled the likes of Pixar and Dreamworks when it came to its stunning style. Releasing in theaters in North America, the latest film of the franchise, Lupin The Third The First, can currently be viewed digitally following its home release.

Twitter User Sugo Lite shared the news that Lupin The Third would be receiving a brand new animated series, also sharing with fans a new poster that shows a new side to the Gentleman Thief as fans wait to hear more about what these new stories will entail and what new challenges are coming toward Lupin and his crew:

The anime series will be produced by TMS Entertainment, the studio that was also responsible for Dr. Stone, Detective Conan, Megaloblox, and Bakugon to name a few. Lupin The Third Part Five was the previous series that had documented the adventures of the Gentleman Thief and was released in 2018, with around twenty-four episodes of the anime giving plenty of fast-paced action sequences for fans of the long-running franchise.

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