Masters of the Universe: Revelation Reveals Legend of Korra Inspiration

Netflix's latest foray into the world of Eternia has been one of the most talked-about animated [...]

Netflix's latest foray into the world of Eternia has been one of the most talked-about animated series on the streaming service since being released on the platform earlier this month, and recently, it was revealed how Masters of the Universe: Revelation took inspiration from the world of bending in The Legend of Korra. With the first five episodes of the series produced by Kevin Smith acting as a soft reboot to the original series that introduced the world to He-Man and his fellow followers of Castle Greyskull, Revelation definitely makes some big changes that had a number of fans talking.

One of the biggest changes of the series was the role given to Teela, the female warrior who has been a part of He-Man's adventures since the very beginning. Joined by warriors good and evil, including the likes of Andra and Evil-Lynn, the female fighters were apparently given new aesthetics that were modeled from not only the Nickelodeon series of The Legend of Korra, but also with the live-action designs for Warner Bros' Wonder Woman. With the first half of the series ending with a giant cliffhanger, fans are waiting to hear when the series will be making a comeback on the streaming platform.

Netflix Geeked shared the details about how Masters of the Universe: Revelation was inspired by the likes of The Legend of Korra and Wonder Woman when it came to designing its female characters, including the likes of Teela, Evil-Lynn, Andra, and more:

The controversy that has surrounded the new take on the Masters of the Universe animated series arose as a result of He-Man's role in the story, with the first episode making a drastic change to both the hero of Eternia and his number one villain in Skeletor. Though as the series progressed, all wasn't as it originally seemed and from the final episode, it seems as if "Part Two" will be drastically different from its predecessor.

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