How Masters Of The Universe Revelation Changes The World of Eternia

Masters of the Universe: Revelations has been one of the most-watched original Netflix series on [...]

Masters of the Universe: Revelations has been one of the most-watched original Netflix series on the streaming service since its release, but has also been rife with controversy amongst some fans thanks to some of the giant changes that were made to the world of Eternia with Kevin Smith's new series. While there is a major change that takes place in the premiere episode of the series that has received the glut of discussion among fans, there were countless other changes throughout the series that changes Eternia and Castle Greyskull from the original entry in the world of He-Man and company.

Warning. If you have yet to watch Masters of the Universe: Revelation, we will be diving into some major spoiler territory with this article so be forewarned.

Of course, the major talking point of the series that is produced by Kevin Smith is that both He-Man and Skeletor seemingly die in the first episode of the soft reboot, leaving an Eternia that has neither its greatest hero nor villain molding the present and future. With Teela taking center stage and assembling a band of heroes in order to return magic to their world, Smith took the opportunity to instill some interesting new changes to the world at large, including offering new threats.

Masters of the Universe
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The inclusion of Tri-Clops and several other former villains of Snake Mountain as the creators of a new cult worshipping technology was a giant change that was instituted in the new animated series, also giving viewers one of its most disturbing scenes as denizens of Eternia were transformed into horrifying mechanical hybrids. On top of this, the loss of Skeletor and He-Man allowed for Scare Glow, the glow-in-the-dark skeleton villain who bears a striking resemblance to the main antagonist of the series, to grow in power and feed off fear.

The series also gave us the opportunity to learn more about the previous wielders of the power of Greyskull, with Tee-La and her ragtag band of both heroes and villains traveling to the afterlife and encountering Prince Adam and the former champions of the realm. Of course, this led to a series of events that instituted perhaps the biggest change of the series in which Skeletor was able to take the power of Greyskull for himself and in the final moments of the show, become "Skelegod,"

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