Mob Psycho 100 Ushers In the Show's Biggest Death Yet

The fall season is going on strong, and of course, fans are tuning into its biggest hits week after week. Not long ago, Mob Psycho 100 called everyone to the table, and episode six hurt fans in ways they didn't see coming. They knew things were going to get emotional as Dimple continued his feud with Shigeo as we've seen. But by the end, a major death left netizens drowning in tears. 

So you have been warned! There are major spoilers for Mob Psycho 100 below. Read on with caution:

As episode six ends, Mob Psycho 100 makes it clear Dimple's decision to merge with the Divine Tree will have lasting effects. The spirit's fight with Shigeo reminds Dimple of all the major lessons he learned while working with the boy. So when Dimple has been defeated, he doesn't try to sacrifice others to escape his fate. Dimple uses his last bit of power to manipulate Shigeo into escaping, and the spirit is quickly sacrificed to the Divine Tree once his human is safe.

What Does This Mean for Dimple?

As the episode ends, fans are left heartbroken as Shigeo comes to terms with Dimple's choice. The young boy is seen crying in bed as Shigeo thanks his friend for saving his life. At it stands, Dimple has been consumed by the Divine Tree, so the spirit we've come to know is gone. So of course, anime fans are looking to the manga for answers.

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If you have read Mob Psycho 100, you will know whether this character's exit lasts. The truth is that Dimple does end up returning to the series before it ends. A later arc brings Dimple back to his usual self, but it comes at a time when Shigeo's identity is in crisis. It will also be a hot minute before the TV anime gets to Dimple's comeback. So for the time being, Shigeo and Reigen will be moving forward with their spirit companion on hand.

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