Mob Psycho 100 Creator Honors Series Finale With New Art

All good things must come to an end and this is true for one of the biggest anime adaptations in Mob Psycho 100. With the third season focusing on Mob seemingly finding himself gaining popularity while the Divine Tree is used for nefarious purposes by a familiar face, the creator of the franchise, ONE, is celebrating the grand finale via new art of the young psychic and his friends. While Mob might be leaving the small screen, he will not be forgotten.

Much like seasons one and two, the third and final season of Mob Psycho 100 found a way to blend humor, action, and heartbreak in a perfect blend. One of the biggest moments of this season revolved around Dimple's use of the Divine Tree in an attempt to make his dream of becoming a god come true. Rather than seeing Mob beating down his friend in order to knock some sense into him, the series takes a different approach from what many might have thought, with the two bonding over Mob's hilarious shirt with monkey faces printed on it. Unfortunately, the Divine Tree wasn't willing to follow along with Dimple's new turn, causing the floating green ghost to sacrifice himself in a bid to save the world and his dear friend Mob.

Goodbye Mob Psycho 

ONE took the opportunity to bid farewell to his beloved anime characters, as Mob Psycho 100's series finale has arrived and gives fans a look into the final journey of the young psychic that has pulled heart strings along with unleashing serious psychic energy throughout the history of the series:

(Photo: ONE)

While it is definitely sad to see Mob and his friends leave the anime world, ONE is far from finished in his artistic career. One-Punch Man has been confirmed for a third season, though the studio that will be responsible for bringing Saitama and his battle against the Monster Association remains a mystery. On the manga front, while One-Punch Man continues to release new chapters, ONE is also working on a new manga story titled Versus, a story that will see an army of humans fighting against an army of demons that will determine the fate of mankind. 

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