Mobile Suit Gundam: The Witch From Mercury Teases Its Second Season Finale

The Witch From Mercury has helped the Gundam franchise soar to new heights. With the story of Suletta Mercury becoming a draw for younger audiences that might have never experienced the mech series otherwise, the anime adaptation is preparing to bring its second season to a close this summer. In a few weeks time, the season finale will arrive and the studio responsible for the latest Mobile Suit Gundam has some new art to tide fans over for what might be Suletta's final adventure.

While Suletta has been an upbeat protagonist in the long history of the Gundam franchise, her adventure has been anything but. Starting in a universe that had outlaw Gundam mech units, corporations have been attempting to keep citizens under their thumb over the course of Witch From Mercury. In the latest anime series, Suletta has found herself in more mech battles than she can handle, often being dragged into them by circumstances outside of her control. Thanks to both the serious subject matter and the wild mech battles that have been a part of the two seasons of the series, the Gundam franchise has definitely found a hit on its hands. Unfortunately, the series has yet to confirm a third season is in the works, though the popularity of Suletta might make it inevitable. 

The Witch From Mercury Finale

The second season finale of Mobile Suit Gundam: The Witch From Mercury will air in Japan on July 2nd. Prior to the second season's send-off, a new trailer has arrived to give us a closer look at the impactful installment. A major question that arises with this trailer is whether Suletta and Miorine will leave the series as a couple or not in the face of some brutal mech battles. 

The Witch From Mercury hasn't only scored some major ratings for Bandai Namco but has also helped the franchise in becoming a merchandising powerhouse for the company. Gunplas, aka Gundam Plastic Models, have skyrocketed thanks to the Witch From Mercury's Gundam Aerial, helping to push some serious units. While nothing has been set in stone, we could see Suletta's universe making a comeback in some shape or form. 

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