Monogatari Creator Announces New Series, Kaitou Flaneur no Junkai

The creator of Monogatari might have finished their run on the supernatural series that features creatures of the night and the humans wrapped up in their world, but it seems as though Nisio Isin isn't done with the medium of manga quite yet. In a new mystery novel titled Kaito Flaneur no Junkai, the writer will be joined by illustrator Takolegs to help in forming the story of a young thief who is seeking to return items rather than steal them for himself. 

An Official Twitter Account for this story of a Phantom Thief who is not a part of Persona 5 dropped the news that Isin would return, revealing that this new story would arrive sooner than many might expect, as the release date for the first chapter of this tale will arrive on September 7th this fall:

The synopsis for Kaitou Flaneur no Junkai, which follows a "Phantom Thief" in a series that sounds similar to the generational exploits of Lupin The 3rd, reads as such:

"My late father was a phantom thief?! The eldest son "Boku" succeeds the name of the second generation phantom thief, Flaneur, for the sake of his injured younger siblings and his beloved nanny. He starts "returning" the treasure to its rightful owners. His next target is an undersea university where genius researchers gather. However, a veteran detective who was the only one to catch the first phantom thief, and a new generation of famous (ultra) detectives stand in his way, as impossible crimes occur! Can the second generation Phantom Thief Flaneur solve the numerous mysteries and complete his mission? A shocking phantom thief mystery is about to begin!"

If you haven't had the opportunity to dive into the Monogatari franchise, which currently has quite a few anime adaptations to its name, here's how the series is described:

"This is a story, a "ghost story" of sorts, about scars that bond, monsters that haunt, and fakes that deceive. The story of Koyomi Araragi begins through a fateful encounter with the all-powerful, blonde-haired, "hot-blooded, iron-blooded, and cold-blooded" vampire, later introduced as Shinobu Oshino. Their tragic rendezvous results in the end of Araragi's life as a human and his subsequent rebirth as a vampire—a monster. However, this encounter is only the start of his meddlings with the supernatural. Koyomi's noble personality ultimately sees him getting further involved in the lives of others with supernatural afflictions. This is his desperate attempt at returning to a normal human life, in a paranormal world filled with nothing but tragedy, suffering, and inhumanity."