Mushoku Tensei Ends Light Novels With a Big Surprise

Mushoku Tensei: Jobless Reincarnation has defied the odds with its isekai tale. Despite the competition, the series has become one of the genre's biggest, and Rudeus stands a hero amongst men. Of course, that means all eyes were on the protagonist as Mushoku Tensei's light novels just ended, and the finale confirmed a wild surprise in its final moments.

So you have been warned! There are major spoilers below for Mushoku Tensei! Read on with caution.

As the final chapter of Mushoku Tensei went live, fans were reunited with Rudeus as always, and the reincarnated hero hit their peak. By the end of everything, fans get to see just how powerful Rudeus has become, and his happy ending comes around even though some loose ends are left dangling.

What Goes Down?

As for what goes down in the finale, the biggest update comes courtesy of Rudeus and his marriage. Or rather, I guess we should say marriages. The hero ends up marrying three different heroines, so all of your ships are safe. As the hero grows older, he marries Sylphiette, Eris, and Roxy.

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As you can imagine, this ending tracks for an isekai series, and the polyamorous couples do get a happy ending. All is well for Rudeus throughout the end of Mushoku Tensei until he dies of old age. According to the finale, the man passes away quietly at 74 years old, and that brings Rudeus' journey to an end.

Of course, Rudeus has a number of children from his wives. The kids total six overall, so the Greyrat household was a busy one. Lucy was the first child born with Sylphy before Lara came along with Roxy. Ars is Rudeus' eldest son and was followed by Sieghart Saladin. Lily came next, and finally, the youngest child is Christina courtesy of Eris.

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