My Hero Academia Gets Emotional with an Aizawa x Izuku Flashback

When Eraserhead was asked to oversee Class 1-A, he did not know what he was signing up for. The [...]

When Eraserhead was asked to oversee Class 1-A, he did not know what he was signing up for. The teacher has a bad habit of expelling students, but something about his latest lot of kids made him pause. Despite threatening to oust Izuku, the boy has become one of the most powerful kids in his class, and a recent flashback between the two has got My Hero Academia fans feeling real emotional.

It wasn't long ago that chapter 277 went live, and manga readers were quick to eat up the content. My Hero Academia followed up on Izuku after the boy made a last-ditch effort to save Aizawa. His mentor was coming face to face with Shigaraki who has become insanely powerful after earning All For One and to say Eraserhead was shocked by the rescue would be putting it lightly.

The manga keeps up with Izuku who explains that he cannot lose his teacher right now. Much like All Might, Aizawa has become an integral part of Izuku's training, and he is not ready to say goodbye to Eraserhead. Standing in the background, the teacher is stunned by how Izuku threw himself in front of Shigaraki to save him, and that brought up a long-lost memory.

my hero academia flashback 277

The moment conjures up a flashback for Aizawa as he remembers when he told Izuku he could not be a hero. "Izuku Midoriya, you cannot become aa hero with that power of yours," he told the student during their first-ever training day. If it were not for Izuku finding a way to prove he could handle his Quirk, Aizawa would have really kicked the boy out of his class, and that would have been that.

And now? Well, Izuku is becoming a hero like few others. The tutelage that Aizawa and All Might and even Gran Torino has made all the difference with Izuku. He is on the way to become the next Symbol of Peace, and this chapter finally clues Aizawa into that fact.

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