My Hero Academia Shares Colorful New Poster of Class 1-A

My Hero Academia is one of the hottest anime out there these days, and it gets all the perks that come with such a title. From movies to video games and beyond, the students of Class 1-A can be found just about anywhere, and it seems the gang just got another gift. After all, a new poster of the class has been shared, and it gives the students a colorful makeover.

Recently, the key artwork for My Hero Academia's annual Hero Festival went live. The artwork, which can be seen down below, brings in all of the Class 1-A students and then some. After all, it is hard to miss the Big 3 here as well as two familiar teachers.

As you might have guessed, Izuku is front and center in this poster as he pumps a fist into the air. While donning a red jacket, Izuku relaxes his usual school uniform just a tad, and he is rocking a pair of high-tech headphones.

In fact, the rest of the students in Class 1-A took on a similar makeover. They had different colored jackets which range from pink to teal to orange and green. Each student is paired with fancy matching headsets, so each hero looks like they just came out of a cyberpunk event.

And yes, that includes Aizawa. You might not peg the teacher for such a look, but he could not resist the call to dress up here. He is even rocking some sleek grey gloves to complete the look, so we've got to applaud Aizawa on his fashion sense here.


As for the event itself, Hero Festival will take place later this year, and it will bring the stars of the anime together. Given the ongoing pandemic, there is no doubt the stars will gather virtually, but that shouldn't dampen the fun. With a new season in the works, there is plenty for My Hero Academia to dish at the event, so you won't want to miss it!

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