My Hero Academia Reveals Izuku and Kota's Emotional Reunion

My Hero Academia broke hearts once again with an emotional reunion between Izuku Midoriya and Kota Izumi as the young boy tearfully tried to help his hero Deku in any way he could with the newest chapter of Kohei Horikoshi's original manga series. It's been nothing but one heartbreaking chapter after another since the Final Act of the series officially kicked off with Izuku revealing his big One For All secret and leaving U.A. Academy to take on Tomura Shigaraki and All For One's forces alone. But things have gotten just as intense with his return to U.A. Academy.

After finally agreeing to go back to the safety of the school thanks to Class 1-A's efforts, Izuku then faces another challenge as the public opinion of him has greatly soured as he has become the target of their ire in this intense time. But after Ochaco Uraraka gets them to concede and finally allow him a moment of reprieve, those at the school finally break through and make their way to Izuku's side. This surprisingly includes Kota, who was distressed to see his hero in such a state.

My Hero Academia 325 Deku Kota Reunion Manga Spoilers
(Photo: Shueisha)

The previous chapter of the series teased that after Ochaco tearfully pleaded with the people to let Izuku stay at the school for a brief time so he could recover, Kota had rushed over to Izuku's side. The last we had seen of the young boy it was clear that Izuku had made a huge impact on him. Not only was he wearing red shoes like his hero following being saved from Muscular, but Izuku's actions also inspired him to be one of the first to rush to his side in this moment as well in Chapter 325.

He cries and apologizes because he was too scared to run over, but then when he heard Ochaco he was inspired to push himself to run because he wanted to be like Izuku too. He even forces a smile and says "I am here!" and through his tears says that Izuku will be okay, and won't have to cry anymore. Together with the woman that Izuku had saved on the outside before, they give Izuku a huge hug and serve as one of the final pieces needed to break through the people's fear.


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