My Hero Academia Creator Honors His Favorite Background Character in New Sketch

Kohei Horikoshi hasn't been shy about adding in hundreds of characters, both good and evil, into the world of My Hero Academia, and though the manga might be in its "Final Act", the mangaka hasn't shied away from adding to the roster of the Shonen series that made UA Academy a hit. With the War Arc having come to a close and Deku attempting to hold Hero Society together as Class 1-A attempts to think of their next move, Horikoshi has taken the opportunity to honor one of his favorite new additions to the story of One For All and All For One.

While the "giant fox lady" has yet to be named, it seems that the influence of Deku has helped her not just by saving her life, but by showing her that there is still hope in the world. Though she was saved in Chapter 310, she recently appeared in the latest installment to help out Midoriya when Deku was nearly kicked out of UA Academy by a rowdy mob that is looking to avoid the wrath of the villains gunning for the inheritor of One For All. It will be interesting to see if this new character enters the fray when another battle between the main heroes and villains begins once again.

Kohei Horikoshi shared the new sketch via his Official Twitter Account that not only highlights the new addition to My Hero Academia but also Midoriya, Mineta, and Eri to round out the heroic quartet that has been grabbing headlines in the world of anime for some time:

Currently, the fifth season of My Hero Academia is telling the tale of My Villain Academia, an arc that sees the League of Villains battle against the Meta Liberation Army to see who will rule the world of villains in general. While season six will most likely follow the War Arc, it will be interesting if Horikoshi's new character will make an appearance.


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