My Hero Academia Reveals Why All Might Is the Perfect One For All User

All Might might not be at the frontline of war these days, but the man will always be known as the [...]

All Might might not be at the frontline of war these days, but the man will always be known as the Symbol of Peace. His work as a pro hero gave hope to millions, and his success is thanks to training with One For All. If you did not know, Yagi worked hard to master the quirk unlike any who came before him, and fans have been told exactly why All Might succeeded where the rest failed.

The truth was shared in My Hero Academia chapter 304. The manga went live with the update just days ago, and it clears up a long-held theory about All Might. Izuku is told why Yagi is the perfect vessel for One For All, and it the gist of things comes down to power.


"When Yagi realized that possessing One For All places a terrible burden on the body, he thought the same thing. The other never held it for long, and since they died in battle, Yagi's only the point of comparison was himself which is why he thought about what Shinimori had that he himself lacked," the fourth user of One For All explained. "All Might was quirkless."

Continuing, the predecessor said the hunch was right. All Might was able to better wield One For All because of his quirkless origins. He was not torn between two powers after he received One For All, so he could embody its power fully.

"For 40 years, Yagi maintained his grip on one for all. It was a perfect fit for his previously empty vessel, and as such, it truly become his quirk," the explanation goes.

Now, it seems Izuku is the next one destined to bring about One For All's true worth. The predecessors suggest more is coming for the quick, and Izuku must be ready for whatever surprises may come his way.

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