My Hero Academia Hits The Ring With Creed Crossover Art

My Hero Academia has focused on the training of the next generation with All Might handing over [...]

My Hero Academia has focused on the training of the next generation with All Might handing over his powers to the young Midoriya, with the Rocky film franchise holding a similar theme with Rocky Balboa passing the torch to Adonis Creed, and now one fan artist has smashed the two hard hitting franchises together! Taking one of the movie posters for the popular boxing film franchise as a starting point, All Might is seen in the ring giving advice to Deku in his steps to not only become a professional hero, but to also become the next "Symbol Of Peace" for the world.

Creed was first released in 2015, starring Michael B Jordan as the titular boxer, looking to continue his father's legacy in the ring following his death at the hands of Ivan Drago in Rocky IV. Sylvester Stallone appeared once again as Rocky Balboa, helping in the training of the young Creed as he entered into the world of mainstream professional boxing as his father had done before him. While a release date has yet to be confirmed for a third movie, there has been rumblings of behind the scenes movement for the world of Adonis Creed to return!

Instagram Artist, And Comedian, Lafayette247 shared this amazing My Hero Academia fan art that uses the poster for Creed as its basis, using the working title of "Deku: Go Beyond" in order to ingeniously fuse the two franchises together:

In the most recent season of My Hero Academia, All Might has once again taken on a hands on approach with Deku's training, continuing to fan the flame of the future Symbol of Peace by teaching him how to better use the powerful Quirk of One For All! With Midoriya continuing to face a number of challenges that are usually solved by his fists, it's clear that My Hero Academia and Creed have more in common than we think!

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