My Hero Academia Creator Inks Realistic Art of Izuku and More

My Hero Academia is on the up and up right now if you've been paying attention. In a few days, the anime will return to television with season six, and that doesn't even account for the manga. The final act is playing out on page these days, and now, a new manga volume has the fandom buzzing thanks to one very realistic sketch.

The artwork in question comes from Kohei Horikoshi, the series creator, and went public in volume 36. The volume released previews ahead of its sale date in Japan. And as you can see below, the extras include a sketch that imagines Izuku and several others in real life.

According to Horikoshi, the sketch was done after he began wondering how the stars of My Hero Academia would look in the real world. As such, these portraits imagine Bakugo, Shoto, and Izuku in a world where they were hit with a realism quirk. The boys, along with All Might, were hit with the quirk while doing a photoshoot in this shot. And as you can imagine, fans are geeking out over the realistic take on the Class 1-A icons.

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After all, Izuku looks adorable with his curly dark hair, and his soft jawline has fans swooning. Bakugo's chiseled features have made his fanbase all the more rabid, and of course, Shoto is serving Fire Nation vibes with his burn in this shot. As for All Might, the hero definitely looks older in this portrait given all his wrinkles, but there is no denying the man was once the world's Symbol of Peace.

This artwork is a treat for fans as you can imagine, and many would love for Horikoshi to continue the AU. After all, the rest of Class 1-A could use a makeover, and heroes like Aizawa are just begging for a realistic redesign. So if the creator has time ahead of volume 37, maybe we can get some more sketches like this...!

What do you think of this wild AU? Do these My Hero Academia designs suit our heroes...? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.