My Hero Academia Artwork Imagines Kota's Pro Hero Look

My Hero Academia has introduced us to a number of young heroes that reside within UA Academy, but [...]

My Hero Academia has introduced us to a number of young heroes that reside within UA Academy, but the heroes of Class 1-A have run across some other hot headed youngsters such as the water manipulating toddler named Kota, who one fan artist has imagined as a future professional hero. With Kota's encounter with Midoriya during the third season resulting in a big change for the impetuous "water bender", it is clear that he is in on a journey that might very well take him down the same path as the likes of the students of UA Academy!

When Kota first appeared during a "field trip" for Class 1-A, he didn't believe in becoming a professional hero and held a grudge against those who had decided to choose this path for their lives. Earlier in his life, Kota lost his parents, who were both heroes with similar water Quirks, to a villain who was as deadly as he was imposing. With the League of Villains attempting to kidnap Bakugo to turn him to their side, the antagonist of Muscular, responsible for Kota's parents' deaths, appeared in front of the young super powered child. With Midoriya hurling himself into harm's way to protect Kota, the young boy began to discover the reasoning behind wanting to become a hero and understood why his parents did the same.

Reddit Artist Fantu09 shared this impressive take on the future version of the young would-be hero, Kota, whose life was saved during the third season by Midoriya during his fight with the insanely powerful antagonist from the League of Villains that went by Muscular:

hello guys, I try to imagine the older Kota from r/BokuNoHeroAcademia

Muscular was a terrifying member of the League of Villains, being as strong when it came to physical power as All Might, and caused Deku to go far beyond his regular power levels to defeat him. With the ability to transform his muscles into what is essentially armor, his lust for battle and destruction was something that Midoriya had rarely seen before their battle.

Though Kota wasn't able to defeat Muscular in a fight, he was able to give Midoriya a slight distraction that let him ultimately beat the titanic troublemaker. If Kota were to become a professional hero, this costume that reflects some of Deku's aesthetics would certainly make sense.

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