My Hero Academia Reveals a Dying Hero's Act Against Shigaraki

My Hero Academia is taking on a new look these days as the manga begins exploring a full-blown war. None of the Pro Heroes expected their raid against Shigaraki to become the start of a dark revolution, but that is what Shigaraki has made it. After getting a major power boost, fans could only watch the villain as he destroyed an entire town without moving, but one Pro Hero used their dying moments to wreck one of the villain's goals.

If you checked out chapter 273 of My Hero Academia, you may have put together the hero's final actions. We learned that X-Less did die after being left alone with Shigaraki by Present Mic, but the hero did notice something was amiss before the baddie unleashed his Decay Quirk. Translator Caleb Cook pointed out the situation on Twitter, and it shows X-Less was likely the one who destroyed the Quirk-erasing bullets which Dr. Garaki made.

X-Less noticed the chamber containing the bullets a chapter or two ago. The Pro Hero made note that the machine survived likely due to the tubes guarding it against damage. Not even Mirko could get through to it, but X-Less felt it was time to destroy the device after Shigaraki was released from his casing. When the villain woke up, he checked on the device ASAP to find it was obliterated alongside its contents.

It turns out the machine was one used by Dr. Garaki to make additional Quirk-erasing bullets. This ammo was designed by Overhaul back in the day, and he intended to use it to put society back in its place as a Quirkless one. Now, it seems like Shigaraki was hoping to use it against any foe who might use their power against him, but X-Less appears to have stopped that from happening. Even as the hero faced certain death, he made sure to finish his job, and fans can only praise X-Less in death now that he's gone.


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