My Hero Academia Fan-Artist Sets Up Toga vs Ochaco with New Art

Toga and Uravity might be on different sides of the aisle when it comes to the world of My Hero Academia, but they share one thing in common, the crushes that they both hold for the current wielder of One For All, Izuku Midoriya. With the final arc of My Hero Academia's manga seeing the two face to face in its latest chapter, a fan-artist for the shonen series under Kohei Horikoshi has shared new art of the conflict between the heroine and the villainess.  

Toga's obsession with both Deku and Uravity has shown itself in a terrifying new way via the latest season of My Hero Academia's anime adaptation, with the League of Villains taking on the Meta Liberation Army in the final arc of season five. During this battle, Toga discovered a new aspect of her Quirk, which originally only allowed her to steal the appearance of the victim that she had drank the blood of, but the villain can now use their Quirks as well. Taking on both the appearance and Quirk of Uravity, Toga was able to float members of the MLA into the sky and grotesquely drop them from the high-up heights. 

Twitter artist Nagotomo, shared this new artwork that shows a struggle between Ochaco and Toga, with the final arc of the Shonen series setting the stage for the hero and villain to have one final showdown for the fate of hero society and the world at large:

During the War Arc, Toga and Ochaco had an interesting meeting with one another, as the villainess attempted to explain her twisted worldview to Uravity. With the final arc currently underway, Toga is set to perhaps be one of the most deadly villains outside of All For One and Shigaraki, with the antagonist now having the powers of Twice at her disposal, which would allow her to create countless doubles of herself to overwhelm our heroes and perhaps claim victory for the Paranormal Liberation Front. 

Who do you think will be the victor in the final arc of My Hero Academia between Uravity and Toga? Feel free to let us know in the comments or hit me up directly on Twitter @EVComedy to talk all things comics, anime, and the world of UA Academy. 

A previous version of this article referred to the fan-artist as an assistant to My Hero Academia's creator. This has been corrected above.