My Hero Academia Cliffhanger Welcomes Back a Major Hero

My Hero Academia's newest chapter ended on a cliffhanger welcoming back a major pro hero to the series. The war between the heroes and villains has reached its final climax as Dabi has made a grandstanding series of reveals that have thrown Endeavor and the other heroes for a loop. In fact, despite all of the headway the heroes have made against the villains in this first raid on the Paranormal Liberation Front, these final moments are completely swinging things in the villains' favor. But luckily that all starts to change with the newest cliffhanger.

Chapter 291 of the series picks up immediately after Dabi's series of big reveals, and he continues to explain that there were several other major secrets the heroes had been hiding such as Hawks killing the Number 3 pro hero, Best Jeanist. But as we see towards the end of the chapter, this is definitely not the case as the pro is revealed to be completely alive and well.

The newest chapter of the series continues Dabi's string of reveals meant to ruin society's view of heroes, and along with airing all of Endeavor's abusive dirty laundry, one of the reveals was meant to take Hawks down a peg. Combining the fact that Hawks dealt a killing blow to Twice with the fact that he also killed Best Jeanist, Dabi meant to ruin the reputation of the second ranked hero as well.

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(Photo: Shueisha)

But as Dabi prepares to deal a final blow in the chapter, several cords come down from the sky and wrap him up before he's able to make his move. It's revealed that Best Jeanist is controlling these cords as he makes his way down to the battle from an airship that fans had seen flying nearby in the previous chapter of the series. Not only is it a big deal to confirm he's alive, but this could swing the battle back in the heroes' favor.

Best Jeanist's return also does poke holes in Dabi's reveals, so if that part turned out to be a lie then perhaps it will give people watching a sense of plausible deniability for the rest of Dabi's claims. That's going to be one of the major plots going forward, so what do you think of Best Jeanist's return to the series?


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