My Hero Academia Prompts Censorship Debate Following Shigaraki Scene

My Hero Academia is currently in the heat of its fifth season but has recently run into a [...]

My Hero Academia is currently in the heat of its fifth season but has recently run into a controversy when it comes to some censorship that has been used in the face of the dark opening details of the My Villain Academia Arc. With the latest episode coming to a close with a major spoiler for the upcoming Meta Liberation Army Arc, it seems that Shigaraki is on the receiving end of a big change from the pages of the manga to the episodes of the anime.

The whole thing came to life when My Hero Academia put out its newest episode. It was there season five checked in on Shigaraki, and well - the villain is not doing so hot. The baddie has agreed to undergo an experimental procedure, and All For One's doctor is brutal during the event.


Over on Reddit, users like MeAndMyInsanity were quick to question how the anime censored Shigaraki during the procedure. If you look to the manga, you will see Horikoshi included lots of blood and scarring as Shigaraki was essentially torn down from the inside out. But in the anime, well - My Hero Academia could not go that far. The show is still aimed towards a younger audience, and its time slot kept the team at Bones Inc from going wild.

The debate became worse when fans learned the anime could have had a grittier shot. Ian Zhang, the animator who oversaw the gruesome scene this past week, hit up Instagram with his original cut. It was there Shigaraki sheds tons of blood while the doctor shrieks in joy behind the operating room's windows. But as Zhang explained, he "added too much" so his original cut was parsed down.

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Given the success of My Hero Academia, it is unlikely the manga's darkest moments will be brought to life with full gore. The anime is too profitable to shift to a later time slot, so censors will continue subjecting Izuku to higher standards. And unless that changes, well - fans shouldn't expect the anime to get too bloody anytime soon.

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