My Hero Academia Explores Lady Nagant's Wavering Allegiance

My Hero Academia is thriving in a big way, and it is all thanks to its ongoing arcs. While season [...]

My Hero Academia is thriving in a big way, and it is all thanks to its ongoing arcs. While season five tackles some throwback stories, the manga is moving forward with an ambitious tale including Lady Nagant. This new baddie has become hugely popular with fans already, and the manga just explored how unsteady Nagant's villain roots are.

The whole thing came to light when My Hero Academia put up chapter 315. It was there fans watched as Izuku finished his epic battle with Nagant after she was hired to bring in the boy. All For One has need of him, but Izuku was not going to go down without a fight.

My Hero Academia Lady Nagant
(Photo: Shueisha)

As the battle raged on, Izuku got the upper hand, but he still offered help to Nagant following her defeat. It was there the boy learned how to read the vixen like a book, and Izuku called out all the reasons Nagant can never abandon her heroic hopes.

"The shot headed for Chisaki was off by a little bit. And if you were really allied with All For One and his brand of evil, your very first shot would've hit my lower body and stopped me cold," Izuku reasoned. "You've known real darkness, so you gotta know there's a way to bring back the light. Please, fight on our side! I can tell you've still got the soul of a hero."

By the chapter's end, Nagant is taken back by Izuku and his conviction. While she is unsure if she can ever be a hero again, Nagant is more than willing to recognize Izuku as a true hero. The boy is nothing like the people she worked with at the Heroes' Safety Commission. His innate desire to help others, villain or not, is enough to soften Nagant. And when her allegiance begins to wane too much, All For One steps in to annihilate the woman.

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