My Hero Academia Reveals How Izuku Can Fake Mastery of One For All's Full Power

My Hero Academia's newest chapter revealed how Izuku Midoriya can use his powers to fake his [...]

My Hero Academia's newest chapter revealed how Izuku Midoriya can use his powers to fake his mastery of One For All's full power. As Izuku had learned following the fight against Tomura Shigaraki, he has an unfortunate burden on him with One For All. Not only is he supposed to keep the power away from All For One, but he is now tasked with being the final user of its power. Making matters even more dangerous is the fact that it's the strongest version of One For All yet as both Izuku and the past vestiges are working together to fully understand it.

With Izuku's current mastery of One For All allowing him to hit 45% of its maximum output at a time, the Final Act of the series has seen him using his various quirks in unique ways to make up for those gaps in his power. The newest chapter takes this one step further to show how he can actually use this in such a way that he can fake a full mastery of One For All through some clever usages. It's going to be necessary to quickly close the gap that his body can't physically keep up with for now.

My Hero Academia Deku Faux 100 Percent Fake One For All Power Spoilers
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Chapter 315 of the series continues Izuku's fight against Lady Nagant, and after previously using his newest quirk from the third user, Fa Jin, for the first time successfully, he's already working it into his repertoire and balancing it together with the quirks he's already become accustomed to. Per his previous strategy, he's trying to get the most out of them as efficiently as possible, and this has combined into a new "fake" level of One For All 100%.

Combining 45% of One For All's boost, plus the force he gets from a Blackwhip swing, combined with kinetic energy he's stored up through Fa Jin, Izuku uses "Faux 100 Percent" to move faster than a speeding bullet much like All Might did in his prime. Adjusting to the the quirks he can use in this tandem on the fly, he then blends a physical attack into this speed for a "Faux" version of a fully One For All powered Manchester Smash that lands a very clean hit on Lady Nagant.

So while Izuku has had this huge burden of power placed on him, through his quick thinking he's already balanced his body to such a state that he can fake a full mastery of One For All in time for the fights to come. He's nowhere near true full power just yet, but this is a great sign that he'll be ready when the time comes. And if not, he can at least fight like he's on All For One's level.

What do you think of Izuku's fake One For All mastery? Will true mastery of One For All's full power meaning using all of the quirks like this? If he can be this fast now, how fast and strong do you think he will be at max output? Let us know your thoughts in the comments or you can even reach out to me directly about all things animated and other cool stuff @Valdezology on Twitter!