My Hero Academia Cliffhanger Teases Shigaraki's Deadly Victory and America's Big Loss

My Hero Academia's latest cliffhanger teases Tomura Shigaraki's deadly victory - which looks like it will be America biggest loss. The latest chapter of My Hero Academia's manga series covers the next part of the ferocious Battle between the hybrid of All For One and Tomura Shigaraki and America's No. 1 hero, Star and Stripe. The battle has revealed that even Star and Stripe's god-like "New Order" quirk isn't enough to overcome AFO Shigaraki's enhanced form and regenerative powers - so the American heorine decided to pour it all into one, final, ultimate attack

(WARNING: My Hero Academia Chapter 332 SPOILERS Follow!) 

Star and Stripe's ultimate attack against AFO Shigaraki involved unleashing some of America's secret weaponry: the hypersonic Tiamat missiles. The ordinance is so fast, and so powerful, that the Americans bet they can incinerate the villain before his regeneration powers can compensate. It takes some expert coordination between Star and Stripe's tight-knit team of bad boy pilots, but the Americans pull off their attack: Star and Stripe touches the missiles and uses New Order to redirect them toward one target: Shigaraki. 

Star and Stripe's ultimate attack is as formidable and destructive as hoped, basically causing a nuclear-level blast over the sky in Japan. Unfortunately, while the attack has enough power to actually annihilate Shigaraki, it can't destroy All For One's level of experience and cunning when it comes to survival. 

AFO Shigaraki had been obsessing over the nature of Star and Stripe's New Order quirk since the two started dueling. The villain susses out that the American superhero has an ultimate attack coming, so he pulls off a desperate defense that just so happens to save his life. When the Tiamat missiles explode, AFO Shigaraki takes as much damage as his body will allow, before using his enhanced decay quirk to burrow down into the Earth, escaping total annihilation. 

There's little more than a half-skinned skeleton left when AFO Shigaraki springs from hiding, but it's enough. The villain boards one of the planes flown by Star and Stripe's "bros" and forces the American team in into a vicious game of roulette: blow up the plane and stop the villain but kill one of the bros in the process. In the end, Star and Stripe hesitates from delivering the killing blow - but AFO Shigaraki does not. The last panel of the chapter shows AFO Shigaraki getting a hand on Star and Stripe's face - which seemingly spells "Game Over" for America's top hero. 

(Photo: Shueisha)

If Star and Stripe indeed gets taken out, the loss could be insurmountable for the Americans. Based on everything that's been said or seen about Star and Stripe, her New Order quirk is America's ultimate deterrent, and whatever no. 2 is a very distant number two, indeed. Then there's the threat of what happens if AFO Shigaraki steals New Order for himself: the villain having the means to rewrite the reality of anything he touches is true nightmare fuel. 

...Of course, we can't count out the fact that Star and Stripe has one last card to play. Because as AFO Shigaraki grabs her, Star and Stripe arguably has one last chance to speak a New Order rule into existence. It better be the right one, or she's as good as dead. 

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