My Hero Academia Actually Introduced Hawks's Father a Long Time Ago

During its tenure, My Hero Academia has made some bold revelations, and fans are still coping with some of them. All For One and One For All were the sources for most of the bombshells, but that all changed recently when Dabi opened his mouth. After all, the villain made revealed some things that fans can never forget about, and one of them included Hawks' past. As it turns out, the hero had a rather awful father, and fans were first introduced to him way before they may realize.

The whole ordeal went down when My Hero Academia let Dabi take the spotlight. The baddie is working to turn the public against pro heroes, and all of his efforts are paying off. Not only did he drop the bombshell that he is Endeavor's eldest son, but Dabi took things a step further when he reeled Hawks into the conversation.

Hawks Manga
(Photo: Viz Media)

Dabi confessed that Hawks' father was a serial thief and murderer. The shocking fact was amplified when the hero revealed the boy's father was taken in by Endeavor long ago. This fact forced fans to revisit some of Enji's arrests, and they were greeted by the villain in question after a bit of snooping.

Keigo Takami's father was introduced during the Endeavor Agency arc, and the moment was a rather dark one. The villain Ending admits he first became obsessed with Endeavor after he witnessed the hero arrest a man named Takami. As you can put together, it is more than likely that this baddie was Hawks' dad, and Ending previewed what was coming way back when. Now, fans are ready to learn more about Hawks's past... even if it means running into Takami once more.

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