My Hero Academia Gives Crawler Impressive New Power

My Hero Academia has given The Crawler an impressive new power with the newest chapter of the [...]

My Hero Academia has given The Crawler an impressive new power with the newest chapter of the Vigilantes spin-off series! Things have been very intense for Koichi Haimawari in the past few chapters as he hs begun what will presumably be his final fight as the Crawler. In the attempts to protect Pop Step from Number 6's army of proto-Nomus, he has come face to face with the villain directly. As Number 6 continued to fight Crawler, however, he started to notice that the young vigilante was somehow able to keep up with his attacks.

Even when he was using his superspeedy O'Clock quirk, Number 6 had realized that Crawler was able to not only dodge but counter his attacks before they landed. Upon unleashing his full form, Hi-Crawler, to bring out his full speed, the villain then realizes that Crawler is still moving much faster. In fact, throughout all of his fights as a vigilante thus far, Crawler has trained his body enough to essentially move on its own. Thus making him a "Variant Fighter."

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Chapter 108 of the series continues the fight between Crawler and Number 6, and with the release of 6's monstrous full form he can now access a greater speed. But as the O'Clock within him points out, Crawler's become adjusted to this type of fighting and these types of high stakes over his work as a vigilante. His body has adjusted to the point where his quirk acts like a reflex in response to any kind of danger.

Because Crawler has had so many fights where the opponent makes the first move, his body has been fine tuned to become reactionary. This experience has culminated in a completely blank new state that O'Clock dubs as "Variant Fighter." Completely moving his body with instinct alone, Crawler then dodges and counters every one of Hi-Crawler's attacks with his quirk. It's a zen like state where his eyes gloss over until the danger has passed.

It's something Koichi himself is not aware of, so it's not like he can use it at will but it's clear that it's going to be a huge advantage to him as this fight against Number 6 continues. But what do you think of Koichi's new Variant Fighter ability? Let us know all of your thoughts about it in the comments! You can even reach out to me directly about all things animated and other cool stuff @Valdezology on Twitter!