My Hero Academia Hypes Episode 91 Release with New Stills

My Hero Academia is hyping up the release of its next big episode with a new set of stills previewing what's to come! My Hero Academia's fifth season is now in full swing as the first two episodes of the new season have not only reintroduced fans to the extended cast of characters, but wrapped the final moments of the Pro Hero arc lingering from the fourth season. The next episode of the series will officially start the first truly new arc of the season, and it's got some fairly unique match ups coming our way.

Episode 91 of the series is officially titled "Clash! Class 1-A vs. 1-B," and just as the title suggests, the episode will be kicking off the Joint Training arc of Kohei Horikoshi's original manga series. This puts Class 1-A and 1-B in a series of team battles that test their respective growth in the years since coming to U.A. Academy, and you can see a bit of that in the preview stills for the episode released through the series' official Twitter account:

My Hero Academia's fifth season will be focusing its first cour on this arc and while seeing Class 1-B's hero students in full action for the first real time is what's appealing, but it's not the biggest hooks of the arc to come. Not only will Hitoshi Shinso be involved with this new mission as he tests his recent hero training (as teased by the opening theme sequence for the season), but Izuku Midoriya still has some big questions about One For All he needs answered.


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