Major My Hero Academia Festival Announces Virtual Event for 2020

It goes without saying that My Hero Academia is one of the leading anime out there, and its most [...]

It goes without saying that My Hero Academia is one of the leading anime out there, and its most recent season proved that with ease. The fiery anime has cemented itself as one of the industry's big series, and fans can always rely on My Hero Academia: HERO FES to update them on what's coming next. And much to the surprise of everyone, the event will still take place this year but through a virtual lens.

The information came from the event itself as My Hero Academia: HERO FES informed attendees that the event will not be held in person this year; Instead, the convention will be done via broadcast. The convention is slated to take place on October 3 now, and it will feature a slew of anime talent.

According to a report from Aitakimochi, a group of voice actors from My Hero Academia will take part in the event. The voices of the following characters are expected to appear on stage for fans:

  • Izuku, Bakugo, All Might, Ochaco, Iida, Kirishima, Tsuyu, Yaoyorozu, Jirou, Kaminari, Mirio, Tamaki, Aizawa, and Nejire

Sadly, the voice actor behind Shoto Todoroki is not scheduled to make an appearance. This is no surprise as the actor who brings the hero to life is notoriously busy. Yuki Kaji is one of Japan's top voice actors, and his idol persona makes him a hard man to schedule. Still, fans can expect the icy-hot hero to get plenty of love even if his actor is not there to support him!

As for what might be shared at the event, it is anyone's guess. The festival is a major one for My Hero Academia, and it has traditionally included a lot of fan-service. The actors perform cutesy skits in character amongst other things, but some actual news is shared towards the end. Fans expect new details about season five to be shared at the event, so here's to hoping we get a poster at the very least!

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