My Hero Academia Actor Says Goodbye to Season 4 Following Finale

There are millions of people out there who look forward to My Hero Academia, and its fourth season [...]

There are millions of people out there who look forward to My Hero Academia, and its fourth season brought even more of them to light. Though the original season ended a bit ago, the dubbed anime only finished its English run in the U.S. to the delight of fans. Plenty of viewers tuned in to see how the show finished after Toonami uploaded the fourth season's final episodes, but they are not the only ones bidding the season farewell. One of the show's stars sent off season four with an emotional statement thanking fans for all of their support.

The message comes from Clifford Chapin, the voice actor who oversees Bakugo in the dubbed anime. The star took to Twitter after the final episodes of season 4 were pushed live by Funimation, and Chapin says he cannot wait for work to start on the next season.

"Another season of My Hero Academia has come to a close for us, and it was a wild ride of a time. We got the amazing second movie. We got to dub the game. Four years later, and I'm still so grateful to be a part of this series. Can't wait for season 5. Go Beyond, Plus Ultra," the actor wrote.

Of course, fans are glad to see Chapin's passion for the anime, and his work on season four was top notch as expected. The first half of the season did not have much to do with Bakugo, but the Class 1-A lead made a comeback in the second half.

After all, season four did cover the U.A. School Festival arc, and that put Bakugo in a role we've never seen before. Bakugo was tasked with playing the drums during his class's big performance, and his uncanny knack for the instrument forced fangirls to freak out. And if all goes well in season five, fans will see a lot more of Bakugo as a new pair of arcs are adapted for the TV.

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