My Hero Academia Reveals How Shoto Todoroki Got His Scar

My Hero Academia is continuing to tell the story of the Endeavor Agency Arc, and with it, we were [...]

My Hero Academia is continuing to tell the story of the Endeavor Agency Arc, and with it, we were shown a family dinner of the Todoroki Clan that attempted to put to bed some of the sins of the past while also bringing Deku and Bakugo to the table alongside their fellow classmate Shoto. Throughout his childhood, Shoto had to do some insane training under his father, with Endeavor attempting to mold his son into a hero that could one day overcome All Might, with the episode also showing us just how the youngest Todoroki got his facial scar.

Surprisingly, Endeavor was not responsible for Shoto's scar, at least not directly, with Rei, the family's maternal figure, scarring him via a kettle of boiling hot water. Rei had been pushed to the brink of her own sanity as a result of the torment that Endeavor was putting his family through, with the Todoroki Clan losing the oldest son via reasons that have yet to be revealed in the anime itself. With Rei being placed into a facility, and the children still blaming Endeavor for the ill will that befell the clan, it seems like there is still a long road ahead when it comes to forgiveness.

My Hero Academia Scar
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The fifth season of My Hero Academia only has a few episodes left before the story of Deku, Bakugo, and Shoto learning under the number one hero comes to a close, but there are sure to still be some big revelations that are coming down the pike. With the post-credit scene from the latest episode hinting that a new villain is about to arrive, it definitely seems like the strongest heroes of UA Academy will be facing down an antagonist before Shigaraki and his crew takes over the latest season.

Shoto has definitely earned his place as a fan favorite character, not just thanks to his Quirk that grants him mastery of both fire and ice, but also thanks to his cool demeanor that he has demonstrated throughout the series. While we don't know if Shoto will ever be able to truly forgive his father, it seems as if the Fire Ice Hero is working toward starting a new relationship with Endeavor, though the War Arc next season will throw a giant monkey wrench in the works.

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