My Hero Academia Season 5 Omitted a Special Shoto Moment

My Hero Academia can be plenty dark when it wants, and fans of the series have learned as much the [...]

My Hero Academia can be plenty dark when it wants, and fans of the series have learned as much the hard way. If you do not know, the manga has been on a tear with gritty content for the last year, and the anime is starting to pick up on that arc. But in the anime's most recent episode, a special moment from Shoto's past was kept away from audiences.

The moment in question happens during the Endeavor Agency arc, and it goes down during dinner. If you are all caught up with the manga, then you should know what is going on. During a flashback into the Todoroki family, fans watched as Shoto gets his burn, and his mother was the one who caused the incident. But even in this dark time, Rei Todoroki did try to help her son.

In the manga, My Hero Academia fans are shown the aftermath of the event, and Rei is seen shocked by her actions. Her moment of psychosis is broken by Shoto's screaming, and she rushes to help ease the pain. In her haste, Rei does try to heal the burn using her icy quirk, but this does more damage than good. Despite her intentions, the ice blast ensures the burn will scar, but Rei does try to do what she can to help her son.

This moment was shown in the anime overall, but Rei's attempt to soothe Shoto was left out. There is no public reason for making the cut, so fans believe the note might have been made for time. But if you were to ask manga readers, they would say this axed moment is one that should have been kept in. After all, it shows an important moment of clarity on Rei's behalf, and her instant regret is important to recognize as she tries to become the mother Shoto has always deserved.

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