My Hero Academia Details Izuku's Main Blackwhip Weakness

My Hero Academia detailed Izuku Midoriya's main weakness when it comes to using his new Blackwhip [...]

My Hero Academia detailed Izuku Midoriya's main weakness when it comes to using his new Blackwhip quirk with the newest episode in Season 5! The Joint Training arc of Kohei Horikoshi's original manga series has officially come to an end with the newest episode of the fifth season, and one major twist to it before this friendly battle between Class 1-A and 1-B ended was the reveal that Izuku had a new power unleashed within One For All. Not only did he learn that he had access to a dark new ability, but he learned it's much stronger due to residing in One For All.

As Izuku tried to use this new ability shortly after gaining access to it with the newest episode of the series, he quickly realized the limits of this ability as well. He figured out the main weakness of this new power, and it's a weakness he shares with his usual mastery of One For All as well. He can't use Blackwhip even slightly just yet as he has to better master One For All's power within his body. He quickly feels that same kind of pain he once did when he started out.

As Izuku tries experimenting with it in his rematch with Hitoshi Shinso, he realizes he can only hold that power for a second before his body is riddled with pain. As the owner of the Blackwhip quirk and previous host explained within One For All, this quirk has been strengthen by years of being stored within this greater power. Not only will Izuku eventually gain access to even more quirks from the other previous One For All hosts, but they'll be that much more powerful than when their original users held them.

Izuku's body can't keep up with these improved quirks, so it's like he has to start from square one all over again. Just as he trained to push his maximum output with the base One For All power to 20%, he'll have to work his way up to better and longer uses of the Blackwhip ability as well. Meaning, Izuku has far more training ahead of him. But what do you think?

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