My Hero Academia Reveals How Many Powers Are Left For Deku To Discover

My Hero Academia season 5 made a big reveal about Izuku Midoriya's mysterious One For All powers. Season 4 of My Hero Academia's anime ended with the cliffhanger of Izuku being drawn into the realm of OFA, where he was contacted directly by the original One For All user. However, in the latest episode, "That Which Is Inherited" Izuku is overcome by the power of One For All at a key moment in Class 1A's battle with Class 1B. Deku manages to unlock a new quirk called Blackwhip - only to learn there are more quirks waiting inside OFA for him to master!

My Hero Academia Episode 98 SPOILERS Follow!

In the latest episode of My Hero Academia's anime, Izuku is drawn back into the vestige world of One For All during his match with Class 1-B - this time meeting a previous user who possessed the Blackwhip quirk. The previous OFA user schools Izuku about why he's gaining Blackwhip now, as well as some important updates about where things stand with One For All.

According to the previous user, Blackwhip manifests in Izuku in response to his need to capture his rival Shinso and win the match against Class 1-B. Between the previous user's explanation and All Might's exposition, we get the reveal that One For All has been evolving with each new user it was passed to, waiting for the anointed time when the power would truly be at its peak. And that prophesied time is apparently now, during Izuku Midoriya's time with One For All.

The Blackwhip user tells Izuku that One For All's core has grown so large that the quirks of the previous users will now be accessible to Deku. Slowly but surely he will begin to manifest the quirks of other previous users as his needs demand. Not only will Midoriya get these new quirks, he'll also see get of them enhanced by the power of One For All so that they're even stronger than the previous users held them in life.

In his final moments of corporeal form, the OFA Blackwhip users gives Izuku some crucial instruction on how to better prepare for the gifts coming his way:

"Listen. If you use your power in anger, the power will react to that. What's important is controlling your heart. It's fine to get mad. Anger is the source of power. But that's why you need to control it really carefully. After going through eight people, One For All has become extremely strong. Listen kid, you'll have six more Quirks manifest in you. Control your heart and master using all of us!... You're the one who will complete One For All!"

My Hero Academia Reveals How Many OFA Quirk Powers Izuku Will Get
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The math makes sense: Izuku is One For All's ninth user and of the eight previous users, both the original user and All Might were originally powerless. That leaves six OFA users (2-7) whose quirks will eventually be at Deku's disposal.


Needless to say, My Hero Academia just added an exciting new element to Izuku Midoriya's powers!

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